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The “Rich Guy” Pro System

Think Like a Rich Guy is not just a collection of articles and motivational posts, though we’ll always offer them! TLRG, for the people who sincerely want to change their situation, is a lifestyle. We envision a community – a tribe, if you will, of like-minded people learning, sharing, and growing together toward their individual financial goals.

By following a specific process that simultaneously develops your financial goals, mental toughness and your skills as a leader, we believe you can reduce the time and effort it takes to get to the person you want to become.

Designed by TLRG founder and professional financial advisor Jeremy Torgerson, the TLRG Pro System will help take you from where you are today, to on your way to very specific, ambitious personal, professional, and financial goals.

Each step of TLRG Pro System addresses five different phases of personal growth:

Start Like A Rich Guy – Inaction is, by far, the number one killer of your goals and dreams. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small goal, like losing 10 pounds, or starting the next billion dollar IPO, if you don’t even begin, you literally will never reach it. The TLRG Pro System helps you get started correctly, first by creating a measurable, workable, and challenging plan, helping you find true inspiration to take action, and then helping you take practical first steps toward your Rich Guy life.

Think Like A Rich Guy – Keeping the right mindset while you are a long ways off from a goal, is the hardest part of success. Accepting responsibility, eliminating self-sabotage, and killing excuses are part of the mental toughness of every Rich Guy. Living in gratitude and guarded optimism. Maintaining tenacity and keeping your eye on the prize. Keeping your mind right is at least half of being successful. This step in the Pro System will help you maintain

Work Like A Rich Guy – Work SMART, as well as hard. Never re-invent the wheel unless you have to. Embrace the experiences of others and follow in their footsteps. Learn what to do, and (far more importantly) what not to do. Success is usually a tedious process, and most people never become successful because they grow bored before they grow successful. In this part of the Pro System, you’ll learn how to structure your day, say no to distractions, stop living for weekends, and embrace the idea of an integration of your work and your personal life.

Live Like A Rich Guy – Rich Guys don’t just let life happen to them. They save, invest, manage debt, ignore fads and never try to impress the neighbors. They keep their priorities in line with their values. They manage their time and resources soberly. They aren’t obsessed with “stuff”. They see money not as the goal, but as the tool. The practical, real-life financial advice in this part of the system will help you grow wealthy while you grow Rich.

Share Like a Rich Guy – Share your experiences. Give of your time. Don’t go it alone – join the community. Learn to love accountability. Be a mentor and a mentee. Network, make authentic friendships, and serve others. Rich Guys give generously, nurture loyal friendships, forgive and forget, and live joyously for their families.

The TLRG Pro System will be released in 2020! To stay in-the-loop, join our email list today. We’ll notify you when it’s available, and how you can plug in.

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