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Millionaires think differently than other people.

They are tenacious. They are focused. They sacrifice. They set goals and stick to their plan. They handle adversity. They struggle and fail, but get back up. They seek to influence the world around them. They find mentors. They ask for the business.

Hello. My name is Jeremy. My childhood was spent in poverty in a single parent household. And though my mother worked hard to support three kids, we never got ahead. We moved a lot because my mother couldn’t always pay the rent. We got free lunches and charities used to bring us holiday dinners. We shopped for secondhand clothes. We endured scornful stares while my mother bought our groceries with food stamps. We had to return gifts to the store when money was tight, and crawl out of one of the car windows because the door was stuck. Most of my childhood was spent in government housing.

Growing up poor gives you a certain perception about money, and those who have it. It fundamentally affects your ability to see and understand I was taught that:

  • The rich are somehow bad people who think they are better than me.
  • The wealthy must have stolen, ripped off, or unfairly earned what they have.
  • If someone has a lot of money, there is less for the rest of us.

The purpose of this blog is not to “make” you rich. You have to do that.

But it is going to try to help you think about money differently than perhaps you’ve ever thought about it before. You see, poor people see money as a prize. Rich people see money as a resource.

I hope  you enjoy the site, and please check back often as it grows and evolves. I wish you every success!

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