The Money Code Author: H.W. Charles

(c) 2012 by the author

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Bottom Line: A short-and-sweet, 70-page look at seven principles from Jewish holy writings about success and prosperity that anyone can adapt and let loose in their own life. Complete with actionable steps and recommended ways to implement each principle.


Why are so many Jews financially successful?  Although they make up only about 1% of the world’s population, Jews are approximately 25% of the world’s billionaires. Why is this the case?

The author works blazingly fast to uncover 7 principles (his “Ancient Jewish Code”), and where they reside in the Jewish holy texts. More importantly, he incorporates them into action steps so that any reader can tackle them.

I’m just beginning to delve into the ancient Jewish lessons on wealth creation, but I’ve been astounded to discover that, as a lifelong Christian, these lessons are not part of most Christians’ upbringings. In fact, if you are a Christian (or honestly anyone brought up in financially meager circumstances), many of these simple principles will feel deeply antithetical to you at first.

Give them serious consideration. Your financial future will thank you for it.

What does the author attribute to the disproportionate success of the Jewish people?

  • Respect for an ancient wisdom that wealth is created by honorably offering something of value. So the more you help others, the richer you can become (and feel glad to be so).
  • Understanding the tradition of prosperity as a symbol of divine grace. We are often told that “the love of money is the root of all evil”, yet God chose to bless those who served Him with financial rewards in the Old Testament. In fact, all of God’s people were blessed when they walked with Him.
  • Work hard. To work for the betterment of others was the reason you were created (not to pursue your passions).
  • Always have money available to invest. The ancient Jews believe in dividing their wealth into thirds.
  • Keep the law. Never take shortcuts and honor the process of creating wealth.
  • Always tithe the full portion you should. Everything belongs to God, so freely and gladly give Him the portion he requires.
  • Give freely to those in need. Give your time, treasure, and wisdom.

The “code” isn’t secret, nor is it earth-shattering. But it’s profound in its simplicity and in how deep and often into Jewish writings the code can be found.  H.W. Charles introduces the reader to several of the major Jewish writings and then interweaves each code through those texts.

I think the biggest thing any non-Jewish reader will take from books like this is how deeply respectful of work,, education, community, industry, and charity the Jewish people are.

Whether you are of the Jewish faith or not, the wisdom and unique mindset of the Jewish people throughout history can make a significant impact on how you view success, money (and its pursuit), and how you share it.

There are other books that delve much deeper into the subject, but this is an excellent primer. I read it in just a couple of days, and then dug deeper into the recommended steps of each “code” in a second, more exhaustive read.

Pick up a copy today – well worth it for the peek into why one particular nation and faith so dramatically excels, despite the historical odds stacked against them.



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